Blue Badge Holder Exemption

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If your vehicle is already compliant, you do not need to register for a Blue Badge Exemption. Check if your vehicle is already compliant using our vehicle checker.

There are several exemptions which cover vehicles being used for the purposes of disabled persons, as outlined in the following circumstances:

  • A vehicle carrying a Blue Badge holder, including:
    • A vehicle being driven by any person who is in receipt of a Blue Badge.
    • A passenger in the vehicle who has been issued with a Blue Badge.
    • A vehicle being driven with a Blue Badge which has been issued to an organisation.
  • A vehicle registered with a 'disabled' or 'disabled passenger vehicles' tax class.
  • A vehicle receiving a reduction in annual rate of vehicle excise duty because the vehicle is being used by a disabled person in receipt of personal independence payment at the standard rate.

Register for Blue Badge holder exemption

If you are a Blue Badge holder, and the vehicle you are travelling in is non-compliant and does not have disabled vehicle/disabled passenger vehicle tax class, then you will need to register for an exemption in advance of travel to the LEZ.

Blue Badge holders can register vehicles for either Long Term or One Day exemptions which will apply to all LEZs in Scotland. Exemptions can be registered for up to seven days in advance of travel and before midnight on the same day of travel.

Long Term Exemption

You can register a vehicle for a Long Term Exemption, provided the vehicle is registered to your home address. The Long Term Exemption will remain active for as long as the Blue Badge is valid unless otherwise updated on your account.

One Day Exemptions

You can also register for One Day Exemptions for up to two vehicles you are travelling in that day. One day exemptions can be made up to seven days before travelling.

Organisational Blue Badges

Organisations with Blue Badges can also now register their Scottish LEZ Blue Badge Exemption System Accounts online. Organisations may register all the Blue Badges they hold on a single account. The number of Blue Badges held by the organisation will entitle them to that number of One Day Exemptions to be active on a single day.

Help Guide

Check out our Help Guide and Video Guide for registering your Blue Badge Exemption online.

Register for Blue Badge holder exemption online

Telephone Registration

We have a made a few changes to our telephone registration service to help you get access to more Air Quality Improvement opportunities in Scotland.

From Monday 20th November 2023 individuals unable to access the online registration system can call Home Energy Scotland to access the Scottish LEZ Blue Badge Exemption System Telephone Registration line.

This line will be open Monday – Friday: 8am to 8pm, and Saturday: 9am to 5pm.

Please call 0808 808 2282 and select Option 2 using the keypad on your phone.

Please note, the Scottish LEZ Blue Badge Exemption System Telephone Registration line is intended for use only by individuals unable to access and use the online system. For this reason the telephone line will not cater to organisational accounts or general LEZ queries to allow resources to remain available for individual Blue Badge holders.