Wheels in motion for further e-bike support

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A third round of funding to encourage the adoption of e-bikes has been announced by the Scottish Government and will be delivered by the Energy Saving Trust.

For 2019/2020, £1.14m has been allocated from the Scottish Government’s £80m budget for active travel to finance the eBike Grant Fund. The scheme helps assist local authorities, public sector agencies, further and higher education institutions, active travel hubs and community groups to adopt e-bikes and e-cargo bikes as more sustainable alternatives to car journeys.

Up to £200,000 per application is now available to help organisations and communities access the many benefits of e-bikes in a more affordable way. Funding is also offered to support applications which enable more people across Scotland to experience e-bikes through trials.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson said:
“E-bikes can completely transform your understanding of what you think is possible on two wheels. Whether you are delivering, commuting or just enjoying some time outdoors, e-bikes provide the right support to match your fitness levels – and are especially useful in cycling up hills and across longer distances.

“The advances in technology mean that e-bikes can provide a more sustainable alternative to single-occupancy car journeys. The only downside is that they still remain expensive for many and high costs remains a barrier to uptake.

“This is where I’m proud the Scottish Government has helped to provide affordable access through this progressive initiative. Our previous rounds will introduce 460 e-bikes across Scotland, including access through high-impact cycle hire schemes.

“Through this new round I hope that even more organisations right across Scotland choose to apply, so that we increase opportunities for people to discover this exciting way to travel and secure profound benefits for our air quality, health and sense of wellbeing.”

Matthew Eastwood, Head of Transport at Energy Saving Trust, said:
“A total of 45 projects and 460 e-bikes, e-cargo bikes and e-trikes were funded in previous rounds of the scheme. The third round is now open for public and third sector organisations based in Scotland to apply for grant funding to support the delivery of e-bike and e-cargo bike pool, public hire and loan schemes.

“Thanks to significant demand in previous funding rounds, Transport Scotland has made a further £1.14m available for an additional third round of the eBike Grant Fund, delivered by Energy Saving Trust. This funding will help facilitate a step change towards greater sustainable and active travel in Scotland’s towns and cities. Further details and supporting information are provided on the Energy Saving Trust website.”

For more information on how the Scottish Government is working to build an Active Nation, visit www.transport.gov.scot/activenation

Organisations have until 28 June or 12 August depending on the type of application. Full details on the fund are available on the Energy Saving Trust website, visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/grants-loans/ebike-grant-fund