The City of Edinburgh Council opens consultation on Low Emission Zone - next steps

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The City of Edinburgh Council began a statutory public consultation on 28 June which lasts for 12 weeks, until 20 September 2021.

This stage allows members of the public to comment on the proposed plans to introduce an LEZ in Edinburgh’s city centre by May 2022.

To help people adjust to the changes, there is a proposed two-year ‘grace period’ before any penalty charges are issued. If approved, enforcement will commence from the 1 June 2024.

Most cars and vans driving through the city centre already meet the emissions standards. Generally, those which meet these minimum emission standards will be able to drive freely in the zone:

Euro 6 diesel registered from September 2015

Euro 4 petrol registered from January 2006.

Some vehicles that don't meet the emission standards will be allowed to drive in the zone. Similarly to Scotland’s other LEZs, this includes:

  • drivers with disabilities (blue badge holders)
  • historic vehicles (over 30 years old, no longer in production and preserved in original state)
  • emergency vehicles

For further information on the Edinburgh LEZ plans, and to make any comments, please visit: