Public Consultation Opens on the Next Stage of Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone

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A statutory public consultation opens today (24 June 2021) on the proposed scheme design for Phase 2 of Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone, which will apply to all vehicles driving into the city centre when it comes into effect in 2022 and is enforced from 1 June 2023. Phase 1 of Glasgow’s LEZ was implemented in 2018 and applies to local service buses.

Whilst the Scottish Government has developed nationally standardised regulations relating to key aspects of Low Emission Zone operation including emission requirements, penalties and exemptions; the council can create, enforce, operate or revoke a Low Emission Zone and design its shape, size and scope based on local requirements.

A preferred scheme design for Phase 2 of Glasgow’s LEZ has therefore been developed, taking into consideration the evidence base, previous stakeholder engagement (including the findings of a non-statutory consultation) and the impacts of the pandemic.

To find out more about Glasgow’s proposed LEZ scheme visit

The consultation period will begin on 24 June 2021 and run for a ten-week period, closing on 2 September 2021. The online survey can be accessed here.