Public invited to comment on Scotland’s Low Emission Zone plans

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Summer consultations across Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow underway

People across Scotland are being given the opportunity to comment on the latest proposals for Scotland’s Low Emission Zones (LEZs) which are being put forward in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The LEZ plans, which set emission standards on certain road spaces and restrict access for the most polluting vehicles, are aimed at improving air quality and protecting public health. They also support Scotland’s wider climate change ambitions by encouraging people to think about active travel and using more sustainable transport options.

This month (June) sees the final proposals for each city’s LEZ coming before their respective local authority committees for approval with statutory public consultations being held over the summer.

Dundee’s consultation is already underway and will run until 9 August 2021. This stage of the city’s process offers an opportunity for people to make comments on the proposals which could see Dundee introduce an LEZ in spring 2022, with enforcement expected to begin in May/June 2024.

In Glasgow, which became Scotland’s first city to introduce the initial stage of its LEZ scheme, the consultation will run from 24 June to 2 September 2021. Phase 1 of Glasgow’s LEZ was implemented in 2018 and applies to local service buses. When Phase 2 of Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone comes into effect in 2022 and is enforced from June 2023, it will apply to all vehicles driving into the city centre.

Aberdeen’s consultation began yesterday (28 June 2021) for 8 weeks and Edinburgh’s consultation will also be held from 28 June for 12 weeks. The LEZs are intended to be introduced in 2022 and enforced in 2024.

View further details about each consultation and how you can comment at the respective local authority websites:

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