‘Investing in Our Planet’ with Low Emission Zones this Earth Day

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22 April 2022 marks Earth Day, a day to encourage conversations and actions to help engage people in environmental improvements and how they can work together to improve the planet. This year’s Earth Day will focus on the topic of ‘Invest in our Planet’. This is a topic that has never been more crucial in light of the recent publication of the United Nation’s Report on Climate Change which indicates we are on a fast track to climate disaster.

We must all play a part in tackling climate change. By making changes to how we travel, what we buy, reducing our waste and changing how we use energy at home, we can help to reach net zero emissions by 2045.

Low Emission Zones (LEZs) are being introduced to Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow in mid-2022. LEZs will reduce the number of the most polluting vehicles on the roads by setting emission standards for vehicles that enter the zone. The most polluting vehicles will face a fine if they enter an LEZ. You can check your vehicle here.

LEZs will encourage the switch to more sustainable methods of transport and will support active travel by encouraging the use of public transport, as well as walking, wheeling and cycling as alternatives to taking the car. LEZs promote the need to change the way we travel and encourage people to change their habits. This will help Scotland meet its air quality objectives and be net zero by 2045.

To help prepare for the introduction of LEZs, there will be a grace period in all four cities, so enforcement will not come into effect until 1 June 2023 in Glasgow and mid-2024 in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh.

If you want to support Earth Day there are so many ways you can get involved and so many topics to focus on. These include topics such as the Great Global Cleanup, Climate Literacy and Fashion for the Earth.

Earth Day may only be celebrated one day a year, but small actions taken each and every day, including thinking about if we really need the car to make that journey, will make a lasting difference to improving Scotland’s air quality and ensuring we are all investing in planet Earth.

To keep up to date with all the latest information on Scotland’s Low Emission Zones, register here.

Find out what action you can take to respond to the Climate Emergency. Visit www.netzeronation.scot