Busting the most common myths about Scotland's Low Emission Zones

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Through helping to improve air quality and protect public health, Low Emission Zones (LEZs) will make city centres better places to live, work and visit. LEZs were introduced in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow on 31 May 2022 and it’s important that people who drive in these cities are prepared.

Glasgow’s LEZ began being enforced on 1 June 2023. Owners of vehicles being driven in the LEZ that don’t comply with emission standards will receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

The following facts are aimed at helping to dispel some of the biggest myths about LEZs.

  • Glasgow’s LEZ has applied to buses since 2018. For other vehicle types, enforcement began on 1 June 2023 while enforcement for residents within the zone begins on 1 June 2024 to give them time to prepare.
  • Grace periods are in place in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh to help people prepare for LEZs before they are enforced in 2024. Dundee’s LEZ will be enforced on 30 May 2024 while Aberdeen and Edinburgh’s LEZs will be enforced on 1 June 2024.
  • LEZs restrict access for the most polluting vehicles in city centres. Find out about each local LEZ boundary area at the respective local authority websites:

Aberdeen: aberdeencity.gov.uk/services/roads-transport-and-parking/low-emission-zone

Dundee: dundeecity.gov.uk/lez

Edinburgh: edinburgh.gov.uk/lez

Glasgow - glasgow.gov.uk/LEZ

  • You don’t pay to enter a LEZ. Owners of non-compliant vehicles will receive Penalty Charge Notices if they drive within the LEZ.
  • Blue Badge holders are exempt from LEZ restrictions. If the vehicle you're using has a disabled vehicle/disabled passenger vehicle tax class, this will automatically be detected by the local authority enforcement systems.

However, if you are a Blue Badge holder and the vehicle you intend on travelling in does not have disabled vehicle/disabled passenger vehicle tax class and is non-compliant, then you will need to register for an exemption in advance of travel. More details about Blue Badge exemption for LEZs are available here lowemissionzones.scot/blue-badge-exemption

  • Many vehicles already meet emission standards.

Get ready for LEZs by checking your vehicle here.